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Creatures of Darkness


Did you know that the dark ones have two different names? Yes they do, one born of light and one born of darkness. The name of light for the dark one is Lucifer the name of darkness is Satan. They all have them but to name the others would not be safe, suffice to say the ones that I have encountered in the physical world I have always gotten names for but will not repeat. There is a hierarchy even on the dark side which plays out something like this:

Lucifer is the leader, he is the oldest and strongest of the fallen angels. His name translates into ‘the shining one’.

High Demons– the equivalent of what I call the old ones in the angelic realm (Moses and the old profits such as Elisha).

Lesser demons are equivalent to the Apostles

Shadow people– creatures of stealth and shadows

Minions and lesser creatures there are several types of these creatures

Negative earthbound spirits- nasty in life and nasty in death.

Most of these entities are at their strongest during the hours of darkness, which makes total sense as they are creatures of darkness. Do not underestimate them, even at their weakest they are ten times more powerful than a living person. They have the element of surprise on their side because most people can neither see, hear nor sense them.