Excerpts From The Book


One of the most important things I have learned when dealing with the other side, whether it be the light or dark, is that you have to stop thinking like a living person. You need to move beyond the physical world and enter a world where energy, whether it’s light or dark has its own set of rules. I know you’re asking yourself, what does she mean by this and I’ll elaborate.

First throw out everything you think you know about the paranormal. In the physical world we are subject to the laws of physics. In the other planes of existence physics as we know it do not work. They have different type of psychics which work very differently than ours.

Let me give you an example: We use our imagination to move beyond reality where anything and everything is possible. We can create new worlds filled with people and places. We can travel to the stars, explore other worlds and even move forwards and backwards in time.

Our imagination is the first step in making the impossible seem possible. In the other planes of existence telepathic energy is used to accomplish actions. As with the physical body we need thought to send the impulses to the brain in order to do just about everything. In the other plane its much the same except there is no physical body to use.

They use thought to travel from one dimension or place to another. Since our souls are made up of pure energy there are no physical restrictions. Each plane of existence resonates on a different energy level and requires a change in resonance to travel from one plane to another. Its kind of like having an electronic locking system with an optical scanner integrated into the locking mechanism. Entities of light and dark resonate on different vibrational frequencies. Entities of light vibrate on a high-frequency. Entities of darkness vibrate on the lower frequency and we are somewhere in between.



Fear of the darkness and what lies beyond is at the very core of human consciousness. Since caveman days we have feared the dark and what lies in wait there. For centuries man, has shied away from talking about the evil ones and in doing so has created even more fear of them. Fear of talking about the dark ones only leads to greater fear. It is your fear of them that will draw them to you.

Even today in many cultures it is taboo to speak about the dark side. People are afraid that in mentioning negatives you will be bringing attention to yourself and make yourself a target for them. I have spoken with people that have different types of spiritual practices such as Rikki healers, followers of Solomon and some Wiccan practitioners

In doing so I have found there is a great and natural fear connected with the dark side. I understand their feelings and misgivings completely having dealt with the dark ones for the last twenty-five years. There are those people who believe that if you write or read about negative entities, you will draw them to you. These people believe that once you delve into the information, whether it be reading, writing or even watching a movie, you open yourself up for attack or attachment by these creatures.