January 12, 2017

My New Book Website

I have started a new series of books entitled Demon Seekers. The first in the series of 8 is set in the northwest. The first book […]
December 16, 2015

Up Coming Book Release

“Yes, it’s true. There is a way to keep mortals from seeing and hearing us.” Martha shrugged. “We don’t often have to go to such lengths to hide ourselves. Normally they feel us in one way or another because of our connection. I am hoping with Nick as a distraction, she won’t give it more than a passing thought.” She looked at Sid, Ann and Helen. “You three will have to be extremely quiet or you’ll have to remain here.” She warned sternly. “I promise to be quiet Martha, honestly I will.” Ann promised, looking earnestly at Martha and Bert. “I can hold my tongue but,” Helen said looking pointedly at Sid. “I’m not sure about lover boy over there.” “Hey, what did I do? I can be quiet when the need arises, luv.” Sid protested. “I promise on my honor to keep quiet. If I don’t you can banish me to limbo.” Bert smiled wickedly at Sid. “You can be sure of that. Oh by the way, I will be grading you on how you do in this type of a situation. A lot will depend on your self-control. If you fail this test, well let’s just say it won’t be pleasant.” “What will happen if I fail the test?” Sid looked worriedly from Bert to Martha. “Well let’s just say it will mean starting over.” Bert said soberly. “Martha are you ready?” “Yes, you can release the door now.” She smiled at Bert. Nick heard the footsteps stop on the other side of the door. He could hear someone rattling the handle from the other side. “It seems to be stuck, try turning the handle and giving it a push.” A soft voice instructed from the other side of the door. “Okay stand back, I’m going to give it a shove.” Nick shouted. Taking a step back, he threw his weight against the door. It was unfortunate that Bert choose that precise moment to release his hold on the door. Nick landed with a thud on the floor at Sophie’s feet. Grinning, Sophie looked down at the man lying at her feet. “Well that’s one way to make an entrance.” Resting her hands on her hips, she asked, “Are you going to get up or do you enjoy lying on the floor?” Looking up, Nick encountered a pair of thick-fringed golden eyes staring down at him. He had the uncomfortable feeling that they could see into his soul. “I usually walk in on my own two feet.” He said getting to his feet and straitening his clothes. “You need to have that door checked.” Cocking her head to the side she gave him, a considering look. “It’s never stuck before, I wonder ….” she trailed off lost in thought.
August 18, 2015

Fox Cities Paranormal Radio

Join me tonight August 18th, 2015 at 7pm pst and 9pm cst For my guest spot on Fox Cities Paranormal Radio as we discuss all things […]
July 9, 2015

My new book is out

My New Book : The DarkSide of the Paranormal, is being released July 12th in eBook format on Amazon.com