One Halloween a few years ago my sister-in-law, Linda, called me.

Hey girl what are you doing for Saturday night?

Nothing special that I know of, what’s up? I asked curiously.
Well, I found out that Oregon City has this guided ghost tour for the next week or so. What do you think about going?

“Oh yeah,” I remembered seeing it in the local paper. They take you on a walking tour of homes that are purported to be haunted. You know, I reminded her, I have to deal with ghosts that show up whenever I go to haunted places.”
“Yeah, I know, but you can ignore them or put up that protective shield of yours. After all, it’s not like we’re going to a graveyard.”

Linda knew how I felt about cemeteries. I don’t frequent them because there can be a lot of spiritual traffic. Ghosts know when a medium is in the vicinity and gravitate to that location. They either want to get a message to someone living or need help crossing over. Everyone wants something, and they’re all talking at the same time. It can be overwhelming. My guides taught me how to build a wall of protection so I could block out the incessant chatter.

“It won’t keep them all away,” I laughed, “but I guess it might be worth the pestering to have a girls night out.

“That’s the spirit.” Linda paused. “No pun intended. It starts at 8 pm. They have several tours, one right after the other, so if we’re late we can wait for the next one. It costs four dollars and lasts about an hour.”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up; make sure you get an address.”

“I’ll get everything,” she said, “See you Saturday night.”

I hung up the phone.

What have I agreed to? I thought. Oh well, I don’t get to see her that often. and I resigned myself to the trip. Saturday night arrived dry, clear, and cold. I picked up Linda and drove to the Carnegie Library building to await the start of the tour. People were milling around talking about it. We waited over fifteen minutes for someone to announce the next one.

I wonder if we’re in the right place I said, looking around. I haven’t seen anyone who looks like a tour guide. Maybe we should ask inside to see if they know where we’re supposed to pick up the tour.

I think you’re right. People are talking about a ghost tour but I don’t know if its the one we want. Let’s go inside and see what we can find out.
We climbed the stairs to the building, entered the warm foyer, and headed through double doors into a large room filled with books and statues. There was an older woman at a desk on the far side. We made a beeline for it.

Excuse me, I asked, can you tell me where we wait for the ghost tour?”
“Certainly,” the woman said. “All you need to do is wait on the sidewalk in front of the stairs and a minibus will be there in a few minutes. Just get on board when the others get off.”

I thanked her, and we turned to head for the door.

“Well,” Linda said, we’re in the right place, but I could have sworn that it was a walking tour. Maybe the bus takes us to the area and that’s where the tour starts.

“I don’t see anyone out there leading people around. Okay, we’ll wait.”
We talked for another five minutes and the minibus finally arrived. Several people got off, and we climbed on board. We sat down and waited for the bus to fill up. Once full, the driver made an announcement over the microphone.
“Welcome to the Pioneer Cemetery Haunted Ghost Tour.”

Linda and I looked at each other in surprise and laughed. People turned to look at us but we couldn’t help ourselves “I guess I’m going to a graveyard whether I want to or not!” I groaned. “It seems like someone wants you to go to the cemetery tonight. I wonder what they want.” Oh well, could be worse.
“And just how could it be worse than a deserted old pioneer graveyard at night? You do realize that this cemetery is over a hundred years old and the last person to be buried here was in the early 1900’s,” I asked her. “We could be at Gettysburg,” she said earnestly, or in the middle of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. You’d really have your work cut out for you there!”

I turned to her, and we burst out laughing again “You’re right,” I admitted. Of course, you’re right that would be much worse.”
“Told you.” She said with a grin. “Do you think your protective shield will stave off the masses?”

“I’m not sure maybe I need to reinforce it a little more.” Closing my eyes, I extended the range of my field out from one foot to three. “Are you done yet, because I’m sure we’re getting close?” She had no more than finished her sentence when the bus suddenly stopped. Only then did we notice that we had arrived at the cemetery. Everyone was beginning to move towards the door to get off. We followed.

As we stepped off the bus, I felt spirits approaching. Ghosts in graveyards know when open people are going to be visiting. We are like a light in the darkness. They show up to see if we’™ll listen to them. “Drat, I thought, my protective shield would give me some time to prepare myself for the onslaught,” I mumbled.

“How many are there, five or ten maybe?” Linda asked smiling in excitement.
“Try thirty or forty. And why are you so darn happy about it?”
“I am so happy because I get to see you work. Not that I can actually see anything. It’s just so exciting and mysterious and it’s not like I get to see these things all the time.”

“Whatever,” I said. “Let’s pretend we’re checking markers. People get a little weirded out when they see me doing this kind of thing, and I don’t want to cause a scene.” We walked as far away from the others as we could without being obvious. “So how does it work?” Linda asked. “Am I in the way? Is there someone standing next to me?”


(BOOK 1)


One of the most important things I have learned when dealing with the other side, whether it be the light or dark, is that you have to stop thinking like a living person. You need to move beyond the physical world and enter a world where energy, whether it’s light or dark has its own set of rules. I know you’re asking yourself, what does she mean by this and I’ll elaborate.
First throw out everything you think you know about the paranormal. In the physical world we are subject to the laws of physics. In the other planes of existence physics as we know it do not work. They have different type of psychics which work very differently than ours.

Let me give you an example: We use our imagination to move beyond reality where anything and everything is possible. We can create new worlds filled with people and places. We can travel to the stars, explore other worlds and even move forwards and backwards in time.

Our imagination is the first step in making the impossible seem possible. In the other planes of existence telepathic energy is used to accomplish actions. As with the physical body we need thought to send the impulses to the brain in order to do just about everything. In the other plane its much the same except there is no physical body to use.

They use thought to travel from one dimension or place to another. Since our souls are made up of pure energy there are no physical restrictions. Each plane of existence resonates on a different energy level and requires a change in resonance to travel from one plane to another. Its kind of like having an electronic locking system with an optical scanner integrated into the locking mechanism. Entities of light and dark resonate on different vibrational frequencies. Entities of light vibrate on a high-frequency. Entities of darkness vibrate on the lower frequency and we are somewhere in between.
These planes are protected, but once in a while a negative will break through using a back door, so to speak. By back door I mean a dark portal or with the help of a living person. This can happen in three ways: