I am a psychic medium, animal communicator, healer, nurse and international author with over forty years of experience in the paranormal field.

As a young child I communicated with spirits, animals and angels while living in a secure home with my grandparents. I come from a long line of women with special gifts. My grandmother was a psychic medium and helped to tutor me in the use of my gifts. During my early years I spent five years in the military where I trained as a nurse.

I live on a small farm in Oregon City, Oregon with my son and husband for the last 29 years. I has been in nursing for over 30 years, and have been a psychic medium all my life. Some people would call it a curse, but I prefers to think of it as a blessing. Granted there are times when it can be a pain in more than one, but overall I would never change it for anything.

Over the last twenty-five years I has held my many conversations with those on the other side. I am constantly learning and taking notes and putting  the information in my books. Through all of the challenges in my life, my faith in God and in the love I received from my grandparents have sustained me and kept me sane. I decided that people need to know that God does hear us. He knows what we need, which is not necessarily what we want.

I have been a member of NW Paranormal investigative team for several years and have recently decided to branch out a form a small team to help people who have problems with negative entities. The new group will be Ghosts and Girls.

If you need help with negatives please go to my other website: Demonseer.com and contact me.

I have written five books: A Mediums Guide to the ParanormalParanormal Encounters and Paranormal Encounters Book 2 The Dark Side of the Paranormal, Outta Time , Demon Seekers The Journey Begins



If you would like to purchase the special black salt that I make for protection against negatives, please go to the services page to order it.